Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Cut Flowers from Walmart Radioactive

I was at Walmart a while back and had my radiation detector with me. I discovered all the cut flowers they sell were mildly radioactive. Nothing too dangerous but twice the background reading. That means to me that the flowers are being grown using some sort of fertilizer that is contaminated or being grown on contaminated land because they are not for human consumption..
This also mean the radiation may not be uniform and some flower bunches may be dangerous.
Just a heads up, I would advise against buying Walmart cut flowers or at least check them first if possible.

Amazon Lies Again.

Just got off the phone with Amazon.   They lied to me and insulted my intelligence by tell such an absurd, blatant lie.  This is not the first time I've caught Amazon outright lying to vendors and customers.

I first discovered Amazon was a lying, corrupt website was in 2013.   Amazon had just gone through the books a deleted thousands of book reviews with no explanation whatsoever.
Authors contacted them asking what happened to their reviews.  Amazon said they could only discuss it with the reviewers.  Reviewers asked what happened to their reviews and were told they would only discuss it with the authors.
Amazon flat out lied to everyone and never explained their actions.  So I expect not less from them at any time, sometimes they're great sometimes they are insulting liars.  Here's their latest lie.

I bought a copy of Fallout 4 from Amazon and downloaded it through the steam website.  I wasn't crazy about having to log on to some website to play my stand alone game in the first place.  Well nearly a years ago Steam pulled some extra security crap.  Although I have the correct login and password, they say they will also require a security code to login that they will send to my email.  The code never shows up in my email, preventing me from logging in so I can play my game on my computer.

I try to contact Steam, apparently the only way to do it is to log on to their website.  There is no email address, no phone number.  No way to contact them unless you login to the website.  Catch-22.

I contact Bethesda, the game manufacture, and after explaining the problem they just keep parroting contact steam.

As last resort I go to where I bought the game, Amazon, and they tell me they can't contact Steam about the problem.  Now tell me, how many vendors and third party sellers on Amazon do you think Amazon is unable to contact in any way?  Zero, that's how many.  They told a blatant, absurd, intelligence-insulting lie.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Facebook Goes Down.

Don't know how long it's gonna last but facebook went down around 6:30 pem CST 10/09/2017.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Why Religion Harms Children

I was attacked in a post on Facebook recently for saying that I thought it was child abuse to teach religion to young children but I never did explain why I think that. Here's why.

It damages their minds and creates cognitive dissonance. It distorts their world view. They come to believe that faith is fact and science is opinion. That is a very distorted view of reality and a form of mental illness.

Children should be given fact based teaching not faith based teaching. When they get older and have some sense them maybe introduce them to religion. But when I see videos of toddlers in church mimicking the hand raised in praise and swaying with eyes closed before they can even reason, I find it disgusting and am outraged,

No matter how you cut it brainwashing toddlers with religious dogma should be criminal and faith based schools outlawed.

It is because of such practices we have Muslim and redneck mass murderer terrorists, They were brainwashed as children and can not reason or think properly, logic eludes them.

That's why teaching religion to small children is child abuse, it turns them into mentally ill adults who end up either dangerous fanatics or hypocrites.