Monday, September 15, 2014

My Latest Projects

I haven't blogged for a while so I thought it was time to post an update on my latest projects.

I am working on finishing two stories.

The Snowz, is based on the reports going around last winter about show that wouldn't melt.  In Snowz aliens intervene to stop the radiation death of the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima.  They also see the huge discrepancy in wealth distribution as the cause of environment disaster after disaster and aim to fix that too.

The Room Where Lovecraft Died is a tale of the circumstances surrounding Lovecraft's death and a discovery made by a reporter in the room where the writer last lived and the horror that follows.  No Cover for this tale yet.

My Painting of Stephen King as Pennywise is complete.  prints are available contact me through my facebook account to order.

I am also working on a painting of Hunter S. Thompson in Las Vegas.  Here's a shot of the sketch I'm using as my stencil.

Here's that Photoshop mock-up of what the painting will look like when finished.  This is a composite with the background that I have already painted.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why I Pulled The Rice Posts

I have decided to remove the posts about Anne Rice because I cannot  in all honesty blame her for the actions of her slavering fans.  That is not to say she has had no involvement in having my print pulled from the raffle in NOLA.  But to continue attacking her on my blog does neither one of us any good.
I want to be able to sell these prints to her fans and that won't be possible if they all hate me for attacking the person they worship. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kindle Unlimited, Unlimited What Is The Question.

I have been watching the pros and cons of the new Kindle Unlimited program that Amazon is touting these days.  What I see so far is that it's riddled with flaws and easy exploits.

The first major problem is the 30 day free trial period.  I know that if I wanted to sign up I could download a life time supply of ebooks in a month if I put my mind to it.  Then just simple cancel my subscription thereby stealing hundreds, if not thousands of books.

Next we have the little clause whereby authors won't get paid for the downloads unless 10% of the book is read.  How can Amazon ascertain this without the use of unauthorized, intrusive spyware?  This implies Amazon is monitoring what you and I read.  I don't want them to have that ability to know what I'm reading do you?  If someone downloads an ebook I have for sale on Amazon I want to be paid for it, I don't care if they read it or not.

Going back to my first point we have the ability to download hundreds of books but since we can only read a few books a week that means the vast majority of the downloads will result in the authors not getting paid.  So Amazon is providing a way for authors to get ripped off for a huge amount on the possibility a reader will agree to pay them $10 a months after they've already downloaded all the books they want in the free trail.  How well do you think that is gonna work?

Next is the monthly lending fund, determined by Amazon and will be used to calculate what authors will get paid for the lends.  This is a rigged lottery where Amazon can decide how much to put in the fund to insure authors get a low royalty for Amazon giving away their books.

Anyone who has a book in Kindle Select is subject to 30 days free downloads of their books without any payment.  You cannot remove your books from the Kindle Select program until the 90 commitment is expired although Amazon has just greatly altered the terms without your agreement.  So basically you must allow Amazon to give away your books until the 90 days are up.

Then there's the GR and Amazon trolls,  This is a golden opportunity for them to download hundreds of authors entire body of works and rate and review them without buying a single book.  Rest assured this will be exploited to the max.

Now getting back to the 10% read clause.  Even considering Amazon can clandestinely monitor what you read, they can only do it when you are in a wifi area.  What is to prevent someone from reading a full book and deleting it outside a wifi zone?  Will the 10% point trigger a secret log kept on your kindle or computer that will be surreptitiously sent to Amazon without your knowledge or consent? I don't want that do you?

Ultimately this program will allow thousands of books to be downloaded without paying the authors a single dime in royalties.   Just another scam and a fraud to control the books by Amazon.

No doubt the usual double standard will also apply to this. Self-published authors will bear the brunt and traditionally published authors will no doubt get paid for their downloads.

What happens with these borrowed books?  Do they disappear if one doesn't read them within a certain time limit is there a self-erasing malware embedded in your ebooks?  Is this yet another example of Amazon using intrusive software to presume to have the authority to go into your kindle or computer and remove files without your knowledge or permission?  I certainly don't want that do you?

Time and again Amazon presumes to be the authority and the law in all things concerning you books and their distribution.

UPDATE:  I've been informed that there is a 10 book limit on Kindle Unlimited which I find ironic.  Clearly even the name is a lie.

Also it would seem all download made during the free trial will disappear when the 30 days expire.  So Amazon has either embedded a self-destruct malware program in every ebook or they install malicious software in your kindle or computer to give them the ability to delete files from your devices.  Neither one do I want on my computer.

Scenario: A slow reader signs up to Kindle Unlimited, which by the way is a lie since there is in fact a limit of 10 books, and downloads 10 $2.99 books. After ten months they cancel their account. Although by this time they have paid basically 3 times the cover price of the books they had downloaded, Amazon somehow with unauthorized intrusive software erases them off the customer's computer after they have only managed to read most of just the first book.  Sign me up for a deal like that!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why Goodreads Is A Criminal Website

I found the statement below that proves that goodreads has no respect or no intention of complying with the copyrights laws of the United States and other countries.

How do I delete my book from the Goodreads database?

Deleting published books from our system is against policy. Goodreads is striving to be a complete database of all published works, including works that are out-of-print. We like our members to be able to add their exact edition to their virtual shelves. Just as a library would not remove a record from its catalog, so do we not remove books from our database.
Know what goodreads?  I and many others could give a rat's ass about your policy.  Your policy does not supersede federal copyright laws restricting the use of copyrighted material against the express wishes of copyright holders.

The wheels of justice turn slowly but turn they do.  Things are in motion to get goodreads shut down for defrauding consumers with a API based on unverifiable and fake ratings and reviews that adversely effect books sales and a complete disregard for copyright laws.
We're coming for you goodreads and it wouldn't surprise me if, when all comes out in the wash that criminal charges are filed since the website was designed to infringe on copyrights and present fake data that effects search results and sales of books from the very start.  That represents a criminal enterprise.

I started yet another account on goodreads and asked on thier blog what it is gonna take for writers to get their books removed from goodreads.  As has been their policy all along, rather than address the issue they've banned the account. This clearly illustrates their criminal intent to refuse to address the issue and to continue to have a complete disregard for copyright laws.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The One Question You Can't Ask Online.

I have recently discovered the one question it would appear is forbidden to ask in the online media.  It's an innocent enough historical question that gets deleted within minutes of being asked.  The UK's Daily Mail a tabloid similar to the National Enquirer went so far as to ban me and threatened to contact my IP and or employer if I ever posted to their site again.

 This question was quickly deleted from USA Today, HuffPost, The NY Times, the Wall St. Journal to mention just a few.

I asked National Geographic, the History channel, Discovery, the list goes on.

It has also promptly been deleted from many other websites.  To date I have asked it on thirty-one websites and it has been deleted every single time.  Now I'm not talking about social media, I'm talking about sites where experts reside that could give me a real answer and not some stupid response or personal attack.  Yet no-one seem willing to provide any answer at all.

It is not obscene, racist, a threat or a personal attack.  It is a simple question I have been wondering about for a long time and I cannot get a straight answer.

Granted it can be considered by some as controversial and clearly offends the delicate sensibilities of those who control the media.

No one has made any attempt to answer it and most answers I can find online are completely biased and/or propaganda.  Of all the millions of answers available online to millions of questions not a single objective, rational answer can be found.
On many websites I was quickly personally attacked, called names and insulted before it was removed, but never an answer was offered.  Some have offered some religious mumbo-jumbo based on mythology but never a real answer as one would get to any other question about history.  But even then my question was quickly removed as were the answers.

I cannot believe that no historian has researched this question and come up with an answer, I can find none that is not myth or propaganda.

Do you want to know what this question is?  Here, this is the terrible, forbidden question that actually caused the Daily Mail to threaten me:

Why were the Jewish people driven out of country after country throughout history?

In the course of the time that I've been seeking a logical answer I have formed a theory, but am hesitant to voice it because I would be called a racist or anti-Semitic, which I am not.  So I have been seeking a similar answer to verify my theory.

I have resorted to my blog to see if anyone has a rational, logical, factual answer to the question.  An answer grounded in historical facts, written records from the places they have been through history and have become unwelcome, and the reasons for that.

I also have to ask why this question is considered forbidden by the online media and if the reason for that is connected to the answer I seek.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Painting of Anne Rice is Done

I finally got done with my latest painting, a portrait of Anne Rice.  I satirically call it "Queen of the Damned" since it's a parody of her as a vampire.

It's 24 x 18 painted on canvas board in acrylics and transparent airbrush paint.
I am offering a signed numbered print of this for $49.95 each.  Contact me on Facebook if you'd like one.

If anyone would like a portrait done my services are available.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

STGRB Has Been Conspicuously Quiet

It seems that STGRB has been very quite of late.  The last post made was June 9th.  This is yet another indication the website is just a one-pony show.

Were the site staffed with several members as it claims then  there would be a continuity of posts.  But if it is a one-pony show then when the single person running the site is inactive then the site grinds to a halt.

This appears to be the case with STGRB.  It looks as though the Mad Hatter and her entourage of socks has been taking a break from the personal attacks and lies for a while. Or maybe the reality has begun to sink in and she realizes that what the STGRB site has been doing is nothing more than the same as the trolls it professes to be fighting.

Whatever the case this is fairly convincing evidence for the sole proprietor theory.

Were there more than a single person there would be a constant feed of posts to the site, but there is not.  There is just the Mad Hatter and her socks, playing all the roles, lying to the public about who is behind the site.

I've said this before and I'll say it again, how can a website profess to be standing up to the bullies when they hide behind aliases and bully and attack writers constantly?

A few words about my latest project, my painting of Anne Rice.

The painting nears completion.  I am handling this piece of art differently with no in-progress photos of it as I paint it.  I am taking those photos and will publish then after the reaveal.

I am doing it this way because of Ms. Rice.  She had the audacity to tell me not to make the painting.  I was highly insulted by the appalling arrogance to presume to tell an artist what they can or cannot paint.

Imaging the stink she would raise were someone to try and tell her what she can and cannot write.  The hypocrisy is astounding. I'm beginning to see why she and STGRB get along so well.  They both embrace the double standard where what they do is OK but it isn't when someone else does the same thing.

Needless to say I am not about to let someone tell me what I can paint and anyone who would presume to do so delusional.  Of course this will effect how the artist portrays the subject.