Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Vicious Censorship of Anne Rice

Today, as usual Rice once again promoted the stalker, hate website STGRB.
A poster called Spence the alleged victim of the piece on her attempt to play the victim card for a review that violates the Amazon review guidelines.

You can view and archived copy of the the page where Spence whines about down votes for her bogus review.  Never go directly to that website since they use an IP tracker software so they can stalk people online and dox them.

What both Spence and STGRB fail to mention is that Rice and Spence are buddies in the Amazon forums.  That is why people down-voted her review and no-one was intentionally carpet bombing her.  But with her, everything is about her.

Rice posted a link to the website.  A poster pointed out the problem with the review.

It took Rice less than ten minutes to delete this post, the actual truth of the matter and no doubt, as she usually does, block the poster from ever posting on her page again.  That's all it take to get banned by Rice, the truth.

If you don't believe it's true test it for yourself.  Go to Rice's Facebook page and simply ask Rice why she supports a website that posts personal attacks on people and see how long you last.

I have also been unable to find the posts where Rice directs her 1.1 million fans to a hit list on the STGRB site.  It looks like either Facebook or she has removed them.  if it was her it was a waste of time since I and many others have screen shots of all her attacks on the Amazon forum members.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Rice's Targeting People on Amazon Yields Results

Today when I went to check the mail, I found this written on my door.  This looks to me like a set of vampire fangs and the word "Die".  I have no idea where it came from or who did it.  I do know it wasn't there yesterday when I got back from the store around 3:00 PM.

I feel this is a direct result of Anne Rice targeting the members of the Amazon forums, using a hate list from the STGRB website, to her 1.1 million fans on Facebook.

I haven't contacted to police yet but will this afternoon.  I believe this is an attempt to terrorize me and make me drop my lawsuit against Rice and STGRB.
I will add more to this post once I talk to the police.

UPDATE: The police just left, a very nice officer took photos and has given me his email so I can send all the material about Rice targeting the Amazon Forum members on the STGRB hate list.  This may finally get some traction with both Amazon and Facebooks to stop Rice's campaign to target those who disagree with her to her 1.1 million FB fans.

I find it ironic that some local idiot here where I live, trying to support the author they worship may well be the downfall of STGRB, and Anne Rice's presence on both Amazon and Facebook.  One can only hope.

The officer stated that he considered the graffiti on my door both terroristic threatening, a crime that carries 5 years in Minnesota, and a death threat.

We'll see where it goes from here.
Already MD has posted here anonymously accusing me of carving it into my door.  I haven't done much carving with a magic marker nor has anyone else for that matter, and the filth came right off with a bit of denatured alcohol.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Anne Rice named in Lawsuit

Press Release 

Dateline Minnesota: A local Minnesotan has filed a civil suit in 3rd District Court naming celebrity author Anne Rice in the complaint. Rice has long been a harsh critic of negative reviews, even going so far as to place full page newspaper ads to attack her critics.

It would seem she has stepped over the line with her new campaign against her critics in the Amazon Forums. She has become affiliated with a website that professes to be a pro-author, anti-bully site, but their actions speak otherwise. The reality is they are a stalker, hate site that uses I.P. trackers to stalk and dox people who don't agree with them. Every post on the site is a personal attack on someone. (Doxxing is when the confidential details of a person are published in a personal attack such as home address, phone, employer, etc.)

The website we do not name, has personal attacks on targeted authors on every page of the website. Author Rick Carufel has had enough and has filed a civil suit for defamation and libel against the site and their celebrity sponsor Anne Rice. The website was relatively obscure until Rice catapulted it into the spotlight.

In early 2014 Mr. Carufel contacted Ms. Rice and requested she stop promoting the website because of the defamation and libel against him on the site. She refused. 
Since then she has begun openly promoting and recommending the hate site using her Facebook account and the Amazon Forums.
Amazon would have none of it and promptly deleted her discussion promoting the site. A week later she deleted every one of her posts on those forums, an attempt at damage control and to try to conceal her very questionable activities as soon as word got out she was being named in the defamation case.

The Plaintiff in the case has added Ms. Rice to the lawsuit because her promotion of the site to her millions of fans on social media has greatly added traffic to the website and therefore greatly increased the number of people exposed to the defamation. She being fully aware of the vicious personal attack on authors Rick Carufel and Carroll Bryant on every page of the site since early 2014.

Therefore Mr. Carufel has requested cease and desist orders to have the libelous content and/or the website removed, silence Rice's endorsement of the hate site and has requested $10,000 personal damages for every time Ms. Rice endorses/d the hate website publicly since the email exchange between she and the plaintiff in May of 2014.

"I'm only interested in making the defamation stop," said Mr. Carufel, "Rice believes that anyone who disagrees with her are bullies and has repeatedly attacked the Amazon forum members. Recently she used a list from the hate website to target the Amazon forum members, specifically the Top Reviewers Forum, to her million fans using Facebook. Now she's campaigning to have her fans dox anyone who disagrees with her, dubbing them notorious gangster bully thugs who need to have their personal lives exposed, attacked and damaged because they don't agree with her. She has become a direct threat to my personal safety and that of others who use their own names. I no longer feel safe in my own home and dread every knock on the door."

"She is clearly trying to influence the review process for Amazon Books and has personally greatly diminished the number of reviews on Amazon with intimidation through celebrity. She uses her fame and fan base as a weapon to attack her opponents. This has to stop, Rice has to be stopped."

"As a forum member who uses their real name online this behavior by Rice poses a real physical threat to me. I know it's a million to one chance that some crazed Rice fan shows up at my door wearing plastic fangs, but then Rice has a million fans doesn't she?"

"She seems to think she can harass, bully, threaten and terrorize people who disagree with her. I see her recent activity as being very close to domestic cyber-terrorism and illegal. She uses every possible device to harass and intimidate anyone with whom she disagrees. She professes to be a champion against online bullying but is the biggest bully of them all."

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Amazon removes Anne Rice's Discussion From Forums.

Today we reached a milestone in the fight to end the stalker hate site, (STGRB).

Anne Rice has been supporting that site for a year, denying the facts and trying to promote it.

Well she was slapped down hard today by Amazon who removed her discussion in the Amazon Forums, "Recommending STGRB..... an important site".

Here's her incredibly lame excuse for having the discussion deleted by Amazon.

In all other instances of situations as she describes Amazon has deleted the offending posts.  But in this specific instance Amazon too victimized poor Anne and the Mad Hatter by by removing her discussion instead. Curiouser and curiouser.

Looks like the next battle will be on FB where it is also against the rules to target people for harassment.

This proves that Amazon will take action when need be, and in this case the need was to address the hundreds of complaints lodged by the regular members of the forum who were not pleased with her agenda of support for that dreadful website and targeting them to everyone on the internet.

Amazon has done the right thing to stop Rice and her campaign to promote a website dedicated to stalking and terrorizing their targeted victims.
Rice professes to be a champion of writers, readers, and reviewers but has proven otherwise to the point where Amazon has been forced to step in and put a stop to her activities.

For those of us who use our real identities what Rice was doing would be considered terroristic threatening in Minnesota.  Here they will send you to prison for threatening someone with physical harm.  That's what Rice was doing here, threatening physical harm by targeting us to her million plastic fang wearing fans and anyone else looking for victims online.

Sadly Amazon has not gone far enough, for this type of behavior warrants a ban for life from the forums if not criminal charges too.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Rice's New Scheme to Claim Success in Amazon's Forums.

Anne Rice is planning to crayon a screed about the terrible trolls in the Amazon forums.  She clearly intends to portray herself as the champion of truth, justice and the American way.  She is already trying to stage a scenario where she can claim victory.

She has started a discussion in the Amazon forums using the name of the discussion to promote the stalker hate site I am suing and she supports.

She has already shown her hand by her obsession with making that thread the most active.  Here she is once again targeting the people on the STGRB hate list.

This is nothing less than cyber-terrorism where she is targeting members of the Amazon Forums trying to terrorize, harass, attack, bully and threaten the users of the Amazon forums that STGRB has deemed targets or doesn't agree with her.

When repeatedly challenged to show proof of any wrongdoing by anyone on the list, she remains silent because these are simply people who said something the Mad Hatter didn't like.  

I and several others on the list use our real identities so this attack by Rice is also a direct physical threat to our personal safety because she has a million fans that run around wearing Halloween plastic teeth year round and are clearly loose cannon on the deck.  Any one of her crackpot fans could decide to prove their loyalty by attacking someone on the list.

Here she tries to play the martyr while targeting the reviews of the people on the list for attack.

As if that isn't pathetic enough she goes on to try and link her lurking in the forums makes for an unpleasant shopping experience on Amazon.

She has the same problem all trolls have.  It never occurs to her that she doesn't have to go to the Amazon Forums at all to have her shopping enjoyment ruined by the people there.  She, as with other trolls, delusionally believes those forums belong to her and she intends to take control of them by any means.  The option to not go to those forums that cause her so much grief is never considered.

In her delusional world she thinks she can bite the hand that feeds her.  She want To warn people away from the Amazon and even have the Top reviewers Forums section removed because they refuse to bow to the queen.

She even wants Amazon to post a warning, "There Be Trolls Here." on the forums that are in disfavor with her.

But that's not what this post is about.  This post is about her scheme to create a false impression that she has somehow defeated those who oppose her. I see this by her remarking on the placement on the discussion she started.  Clearly she has some goal by doing this.

This is what I see her ploy to be.

She will do exactly as STGRB does.  She will portray herself as the poor abused author who has suffered terribly at the hands of the Amazon Bullies.  She will rank on and on about it and then declare victory because, in the face of appalling abuse she has heroically overcome and has defeated her opponents and now has the most popular discussion on Amazon. 

With the use of screen shots taken out of context she will document her valiant struggle to fight the trolls and her triumph as illustrated by having the most popular discussion.

What will never be mentioned or acknowledged is the fact she is not required to come to the Amazon Forums nor forced to post there.  This whole problem of abuse and bullying she has fabricated herself with her smug condescension and  delusional belief that her opinions are fact.  No one has forced her into these forums to engage with those who don't think she is all that great as a writer or a participant in these discussion on Amazon.  people get tired of being talked down to fairly quickly and she just can't seem to grasp that.

So it has become her mission to target those in the forums and on the STGRB list for harassment, isolation, threats, bullying and personal attacks.  

Clearly a bully trying to impose her will by any means possible.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Emboldened By Anne Rice, STGRB Continues to Cyber-stalk and Dox

Last night a member of the Amazon Forums was viciously attacked by STGRB.
To start it off MD wearing her Johnny Be Good hat posted this calling everyone in the Amazon Forums terrorists.

Within minutes MD starts her cyber-stalking and terrorism against one of the Amazon Forum Members.

Now you have to remember that all these comments are MD playing all the roles to try and make it appear that this cyber-stalking and cyber-terrorism is just spontaneously happening.  But it's not it is all one person trying to conceal her criminal activity. 

The accusation and justification for the attack is a lie.  It is Impossible to Dox Athena Parker, she is not a real person.  So the justification for the attack by this sociopath is that the victim posted the false info MD posted on the Government Trademark site.  The discussion was whether that was illegal or identity theft.

She plays it to the hilt even trying to make it look like the imaginary posters had the personal info wrong and had to be corrected with a link to a tracker site that provides the home address, a google photo of the home and the personal phone number.

This is criminal activity and must be stopped.  She is terrorizing, stalking, harassing and putting her victim in physical danger.  This type of attack, doxxing, also destroys the victims alias and anonymity online.

It is well known that the comments on the STGRB site are moderated so every post is there by deliberate action and not just posted directly.

Even after this vicious personal attack, cyberostalking and terrorizing by posting personal info and actually endangering the victim Anne Rice still has the blinders on:

STGRB, is hosted by Please contact them and request this cyber-terrorist, stalker website be removed.  
Please contact them at

Monday, February 23, 2015

Proof STGRB Stalks and Doxxes

I have some SSs that I want to post just so everyone is clear who the bad guys are in the ongoing Anne Rice/STGRB love affair.
The SS below are from Sept 2014 clearly showing and online cyber-stalking and Doxxing of Kevin Weinberg by STGRB.

This is solid concrete proof of cyber-stalking, terrorism, harassment bullying and doxxing, criminal activities by the site Rice thinks is truth, justice and the American way.

I just started a new group on FB called, People of the Page, to chronicle Anne Rice's repeated attack on the Amazon Forums using her million fan as weapons.
All are welcome to join.