Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Growing Troll Infestation on Facebook

When I first joined Facebook in 2010 I knew nothing about it.  One of the first things I noticed was the eagerness of group owners to kick people from groups.  Seemed like they were just looking to kick people from groups for imagined reasons, all part of the delusional mindset that the internet grants nobodies importance, superiority, expertise and authority.  It grants none of these things. What it does do is allow sociopathic delusions to express themselves thereby revealing who the sociopaths are.  Their behavior tags them as such.

When called on this they go into a rage.  The easiest way to spot these sociopathic trolls is they always blame their victims, as all psychopaths do, for any attacks. The victim is always the blame and they deserve any personal attack because they had the audacity to go online.  They wouldn't get attacked online if they didn't use the internet would they?  So anything that happens is their fault for being online, or so the sociopathic logic goes.

I joined a bunch of groups and discovered that for some groups it was all about control.  The owners of the groups want nothing but to control every post and comment by members.  If something is said they don't approve of you can suddenly not find the group or the Admins to ask why you were kicked  These piss-ants on power trips not only will kick you from a group for the flimsiest of reasons but they will also block you from the group , unfriend you and block you there too.  They effectively try to completely isolate and ostracize people for the sole reason of exercising their power to do so.  They feel emboldened by this ability to fuck with people this way.

Just recently I was the victim of this type of petty attack once again.  This time it was in a Facebook group called Stephen King Lovers.  This was a complete ambush by trolls.  When I first joined the group I asked if I could sell my King as Pennywise prints in the group and was told yes by the founder of the group.  I made a post and it dissapeared the next day.  I also notice one of the admins, Ric Mason has taken my print and made it his pic.  So not only did Mason remove my post but he stole my art.  I contacted the founder and she over-ruled Mason and I put the post back up.

As with all internet trolls Mason wasn't happy at all about his authority to censor as he pleased challenged and his actions overturned.  This happened in August.
Just recently I started a new project KingCon, a Stephen King Horror Convention.  I was once again granted permission to use the SKL group to organize it.  This was clearly too much for Mason, his tiny troll mind saw this as a personal affront of his delusions authority, importance, and superiority.

So he gets his buddy Trevor McCrea to come into the group and call my plans for a convention a scam.  That basically, as I see it, is calling me a liar, a thief and a fraud.  I say I will not stand for such personal attacks on my character from trolls.  I ask if he is willing to defend the statement my project is a scam in  court in a defamation  and libel lawsuit.  I subsequently am kicked from the group for threatening legal action for his public defamation and libel.
They block me so I cannot see the group and all the admins, in unison unfriended me and block me too.

Not one word from the admins about Trevor accusing me of running a scam, I am the bad guy for calling him on it.  This shows a few things about the group.
First members and admins are in cahoots to fuck with people.
Second it is clearly OK to call someone a liar, thief and fraud,  but not OK to defend oneself when attacked in that way.
Third they have a routine of completely isolating anyone they target so they clearly do this regularly to people.

All this adds up to a group with the admins who envision themselves as in complete control of 50k members and they will target, attack and eliminate anyone who they feel challenges their delusional powers.

I have screen shots of Trevor McCrea accusing me of running a scam and the admins supporting his attack.  I may have to file a lawsuit just to show the FB trolls there are repercussion to fucking with people for sport.  I can file a lawsuit and let them pay for attorneys  to fight it.  Then they won't be so smug and cocksure.

If you are a member of that group, leave it, and join the group called Stephen King.  It does not have these problems with admins and many of the same people are in both groups.

As usual the trolls hate to see people try and do good things and do their damnedest to make everyone as miserable as they are.  I guess the delusion of power is better than no power at all.

In my next post I will give the details about KingCon.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Cost of Living Raise Scam

This year, as with last, Social Security is giving me a cost of living raise.  For those of you who don't know I am disabled with degenerative joint and disc disease.

Now getting raises is all well and good but that's not what really happens.  You see, if I get a raise from social security the other agencies involved with my benefits double dip and deduct the raise from what they pay.

Last year when all was said and done the "raise" ended up translating into me losing $15 in benefits instead of gaining anything.

Looks like this year they are planning to do the same thing.  This year I am getting a $18 raise from Social Sercurity.  SNAP the food stamps program has already sent me a notice they will be cutting those benefits by $5.  So now the increase in benefits is down to $13.  Not to miss an opportunity Subsidized Housing has sent me a notice that because of the raise, I will have to pay an additional $30 in rent each month.  So when all the different agencies are done stealing the cost of living increase, I am out another $17 worth of benefits.  So after two raises, two years in a row, my benefits have been cut $32.  How the fuck does that work?

Now given that my total income before any raises was only 70% of poverty level.  What I want to know is what justification can these people possibly have to keep reducing my benefit at every opportunity when I am already way below poverty level?

Is there some hidden policy that says the goal is to keep disabled people as far below poverty level as they can?

What is the poverty level guidelines even good for if the plan is to try and drive the disabled and handicapped deeper and deeper into poverty at every opportunity?

Where does it say agencies can take every increase in it's entirety and then some more every time benefits go up?

Tomorrow I will be contact Social Security and ask them about other agencies taking double of what the COL increase is every year as well as Snap and the local subsidized housing office.  I went through this last year and they all played dumb and made like they were unaware this is happening.  That's all fine.  If they give me bullshit answers, the next time I ask I will have a camera and a reporter from the press with me.

I complained about this double dipping last year and Human Services responded by bringing a false claim against me for foodstamp overpayments cutting my Snap from Dec 2013, $192 to Dec 2014, $72.  I fought them tooth and nail and have filed complaints of misconduct and perjury against them with the appropriate authorities. But because of the misconduct, perjury during hearings, falsifying documents, removing documents from files and completely biased judges allowing them to block the proof I have of this to be submitted at the hearing, I ultimately lost that appeal.  The investigation of perjury and other misconduct on the part of county employees is ongoing.

When I was a kid, my mom was a social worker.  Things were very different back then and Social agencies were honestly out to help people.  Today things have changed to the point that social services strive to find any possible excuse, many times wrong, and even to the point of misconduct and criminal perjury, to deny any benefits at all to qualified applicants.

Special interests in this country have subverted the government.
Elected officials no longer work for their constituents but for banks and corporations.

The corporatism that is destroying our country is entirely profit driven and sees any social programs to help the poor, the disabled and the elderly as nothing but red ink, a hemorrhage in their profit structure that needs to be stopped.

I paid into Social Security for 45 years and I am owed these benefit and I don't like other agencies stealing my raises and penalizing me for getting them.
With this policy my resources will be ever dwindling and I will be locked into greater and greater poverty until I die.  Fuck that.

Monday, September 15, 2014

My Latest Projects

I haven't blogged for a while so I thought it was time to post an update on my latest projects.

I am working on finishing two stories.

The Snowz, is based on the reports going around last winter about show that wouldn't melt.  In Snowz aliens intervene to stop the radiation death of the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima.  They also see the huge discrepancy in wealth distribution as the cause of environment disaster after disaster and aim to fix that too.

The Room Where Lovecraft Died is a tale of the circumstances surrounding Lovecraft's death and a discovery made by a reporter in the room where the writer last lived and the horror that follows.  No Cover for this tale yet.

My Painting of Stephen King as Pennywise is complete.  prints are available contact me through my facebook account to order.

I am also working on a painting of Hunter S. Thompson in Las Vegas.  Here's a shot of the sketch I'm using as my stencil.

Here's that Photoshop mock-up of what the painting will look like when finished.  This is a composite with the background that I have already painted.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why I Pulled The Rice Posts

I have decided to remove the posts about Anne Rice because I cannot  in all honesty blame her for the actions of her slavering fans.  That is not to say she has had no involvement in having my print pulled from the raffle in NOLA.  But to continue attacking her on my blog does neither one of us any good.
I want to be able to sell these prints to her fans and that won't be possible if they all hate me for attacking the person they worship. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kindle Unlimited, Unlimited What Is The Question.

I have been watching the pros and cons of the new Kindle Unlimited program that Amazon is touting these days.  What I see so far is that it's riddled with flaws and easy exploits.

The first major problem is the 30 day free trial period.  I know that if I wanted to sign up I could download a life time supply of ebooks in a month if I put my mind to it.  Then just simple cancel my subscription thereby stealing hundreds, if not thousands of books.

Next we have the little clause whereby authors won't get paid for the downloads unless 10% of the book is read.  How can Amazon ascertain this without the use of unauthorized, intrusive spyware?  This implies Amazon is monitoring what you and I read.  I don't want them to have that ability to know what I'm reading do you?  If someone downloads an ebook I have for sale on Amazon I want to be paid for it, I don't care if they read it or not.

Going back to my first point we have the ability to download hundreds of books but since we can only read a few books a week that means the vast majority of the downloads will result in the authors not getting paid.  So Amazon is providing a way for authors to get ripped off for a huge amount on the possibility a reader will agree to pay them $10 a months after they've already downloaded all the books they want in the free trail.  How well do you think that is gonna work?

Next is the monthly lending fund, determined by Amazon and will be used to calculate what authors will get paid for the lends.  This is a rigged lottery where Amazon can decide how much to put in the fund to insure authors get a low royalty for Amazon giving away their books.

Anyone who has a book in Kindle Select is subject to 30 days free downloads of their books without any payment.  You cannot remove your books from the Kindle Select program until the 90 commitment is expired although Amazon has just greatly altered the terms without your agreement.  So basically you must allow Amazon to give away your books until the 90 days are up.

Then there's the GR and Amazon trolls,  This is a golden opportunity for them to download hundreds of authors entire body of works and rate and review them without buying a single book.  Rest assured this will be exploited to the max.

Now getting back to the 10% read clause.  Even considering Amazon can clandestinely monitor what you read, they can only do it when you are in a wifi area.  What is to prevent someone from reading a full book and deleting it outside a wifi zone?  Will the 10% point trigger a secret log kept on your kindle or computer that will be surreptitiously sent to Amazon without your knowledge or consent? I don't want that do you?

Ultimately this program will allow thousands of books to be downloaded without paying the authors a single dime in royalties.   Just another scam and a fraud to control the books by Amazon.

No doubt the usual double standard will also apply to this. Self-published authors will bear the brunt and traditionally published authors will no doubt get paid for their downloads.

What happens with these borrowed books?  Do they disappear if one doesn't read them within a certain time limit is there a self-erasing malware embedded in your ebooks?  Is this yet another example of Amazon using intrusive software to presume to have the authority to go into your kindle or computer and remove files without your knowledge or permission?  I certainly don't want that do you?

Time and again Amazon presumes to be the authority and the law in all things concerning you books and their distribution.

UPDATE:  I've been informed that there is a 10 book limit on Kindle Unlimited which I find ironic.  Clearly even the name is a lie.

Also it would seem all download made during the free trial will disappear when the 30 days expire.  So Amazon has either embedded a self-destruct malware program in every ebook or they install malicious software in your kindle or computer to give them the ability to delete files from your devices.  Neither one do I want on my computer.

Scenario: A slow reader signs up to Kindle Unlimited, which by the way is a lie since there is in fact a limit of 10 books, and downloads 10 $2.99 books. After ten months they cancel their account. Although by this time they have paid basically 3 times the cover price of the books they had downloaded, Amazon somehow with unauthorized intrusive software erases them off the customer's computer after they have only managed to read most of just the first book.  Sign me up for a deal like that!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why Goodreads Is A Criminal Website

I found the statement below that proves that goodreads has no respect or no intention of complying with the copyrights laws of the United States and other countries.

How do I delete my book from the Goodreads database?

Deleting published books from our system is against policy. Goodreads is striving to be a complete database of all published works, including works that are out-of-print. We like our members to be able to add their exact edition to their virtual shelves. Just as a library would not remove a record from its catalog, so do we not remove books from our database.
Know what goodreads?  I and many others could give a rat's ass about your policy.  Your policy does not supersede federal copyright laws restricting the use of copyrighted material against the express wishes of copyright holders.

The wheels of justice turn slowly but turn they do.  Things are in motion to get goodreads shut down for defrauding consumers with a API based on unverifiable and fake ratings and reviews that adversely effect books sales and a complete disregard for copyright laws.
We're coming for you goodreads and it wouldn't surprise me if, when all comes out in the wash that criminal charges are filed since the website was designed to infringe on copyrights and present fake data that effects search results and sales of books from the very start.  That represents a criminal enterprise.

I started yet another account on goodreads and asked on thier blog what it is gonna take for writers to get their books removed from goodreads.  As has been their policy all along, rather than address the issue they've banned the account. This clearly illustrates their criminal intent to refuse to address the issue and to continue to have a complete disregard for copyright laws.