Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Amazon removes Anne Rice's Discussion From Forums.

Today we reached a milestone in the fight to end the stalker hate site, (STGRB).

Anne Rice has been supporting that site for a year, denying the facts and trying to promote it.

Well she was slapped down hard today by Amazon who removed her discussion in the Amazon Forums, "Recommending STGRB..... an important site".

Here's her incredibly lame excuse for having the discussion deleted by Amazon.

In all other instances of situations as she describes Amazon has deleted the offending posts.  But in this specific instance Amazon too victimized poor Anne and the Mad Hatter by by removing her discussion instead. Curiouser and curiouser.

Looks like the next battle will be on FB where it is also against the rules to target people for harassment.

This proves that Amazon will take action when need be, and in this case the need was to address the hundreds of complaints lodged by the regular members of the forum who were not pleased with her agenda of support for that dreadful website and targeting them to everyone on the internet.

Amazon has done the right thing to stop Rice and her campaign to promote a website dedicated to stalking and terrorizing their targeted victims.
Rice professes to be a champion of writers, readers, and reviewers but has proven otherwise to the point where Amazon has been forced to step in and put a stop to her activities.

For those of us who use our real identities what Rice was doing would be considered terroristic threatening in Minnesota.  Here they will send you to prison for threatening someone with physical harm.  That's what Rice was doing here, threatening physical harm by targeting us to her million plastic fang wearing fans and anyone else looking for victims online.

Sadly Amazon has not gone far enough, for this type of behavior warrants a ban for life from the forums if not criminal charges too.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Rice's New Scheme to Claim Success in Amazon's Forums.

Anne Rice is planning to crayon a screed about the terrible trolls in the Amazon forums.  She clearly intends to portray herself as the champion of truth, justice and the American way.  She is already trying to stage a scenario where she can claim victory.

She has started a discussion in the Amazon forums using the name of the discussion to promote the stalker hate site I am suing and she supports.

She has already shown her hand by her obsession with making that thread the most active.  Here she is once again targeting the people on the STGRB hate list.

This is nothing less than cyber-terrorism where she is targeting members of the Amazon Forums trying to terrorize, harass, attack, bully and threaten the users of the Amazon forums that STGRB has deemed targets or doesn't agree with her.

When repeatedly challenged to show proof of any wrongdoing by anyone on the list, she remains silent because these are simply people who said something the Mad Hatter didn't like.  

I and several others on the list use our real identities so this attack by Rice is also a direct physical threat to our personal safety because she has a million fans that run around wearing Halloween plastic teeth year round and are clearly loose cannon on the deck.  Any one of her crackpot fans could decide to prove their loyalty by attacking someone on the list.

Here she tries to play the martyr while targeting the reviews of the people on the list for attack.

As if that isn't pathetic enough she goes on to try and link her lurking in the forums makes for an unpleasant shopping experience on Amazon.

She has the same problem all trolls have.  It never occurs to her that she doesn't have to go to the Amazon Forums at all to have her shopping enjoyment ruined by the people there.  She, as with other trolls, delusionally believes those forums belong to her and she intends to take control of them by any means.  The option to not go to those forums that cause her so much grief is never considered.

In her delusional world she thinks she can bite the hand that feeds her.  She want To warn people away from the Amazon and even have the Top reviewers Forums section removed because they refuse to bow to the queen.

She even wants Amazon to post a warning, "There Be Trolls Here." on the forums that are in disfavor with her.

But that's not what this post is about.  This post is about her scheme to create a false impression that she has somehow defeated those who oppose her. I see this by her remarking on the placement on the discussion she started.  Clearly she has some goal by doing this.

This is what I see her ploy to be.

She will do exactly as STGRB does.  She will portray herself as the poor abused author who has suffered terribly at the hands of the Amazon Bullies.  She will rank on and on about it and then declare victory because, in the face of appalling abuse she has heroically overcome and has defeated her opponents and now has the most popular discussion on Amazon. 

With the use of screen shots taken out of context she will document her valiant struggle to fight the trolls and her triumph as illustrated by having the most popular discussion.

What will never be mentioned or acknowledged is the fact she is not required to come to the Amazon Forums nor forced to post there.  This whole problem of abuse and bullying she has fabricated herself with her smug condescension and  delusional belief that her opinions are fact.  No one has forced her into these forums to engage with those who don't think she is all that great as a writer or a participant in these discussion on Amazon.  people get tired of being talked down to fairly quickly and she just can't seem to grasp that.

So it has become her mission to target those in the forums and on the STGRB list for harassment, isolation, threats, bullying and personal attacks.  

Clearly a bully trying to impose her will by any means possible.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Emboldened By Anne Rice, STGRB Continues to Cyber-stalk and Dox

Last night a member of the Amazon Forums was viciously attacked by STGRB.
To start it off MD wearing her Johnny Be Good hat posted this calling everyone in the Amazon Forums terrorists.

Within minutes MD starts her cyber-stalking and terrorism against one of the Amazon Forum Members.

Now you have to remember that all these comments are MD playing all the roles to try and make it appear that this cyber-stalking and cyber-terrorism is just spontaneously happening.  But it's not it is all one person trying to conceal her criminal activity. 

The accusation and justification for the attack is a lie.  It is Impossible to Dox Athena Parker, she is not a real person.  So the justification for the attack by this sociopath is that the victim posted the false info MD posted on the Government Trademark site.  The discussion was whether that was illegal or identity theft.

She plays it to the hilt even trying to make it look like the imaginary posters had the personal info wrong and had to be corrected with a link to a tracker site that provides the home address, a google photo of the home and the personal phone number.

This is criminal activity and must be stopped.  She is terrorizing, stalking, harassing and putting her victim in physical danger.  This type of attack, doxxing, also destroys the victims alias and anonymity online.

It is well known that the comments on the STGRB site are moderated so every post is there by deliberate action and not just posted directly.

Even after this vicious personal attack, cyberostalking and terrorizing by posting personal info and actually endangering the victim Anne Rice still has the blinders on:

STGRB, is hosted by Please contact them and request this cyber-terrorist, stalker website be removed.  
Please contact them at

Monday, February 23, 2015

Proof STGRB Stalks and Doxxes

I have some SSs that I want to post just so everyone is clear who the bad guys are in the ongoing Anne Rice/STGRB love affair.
The SS below are from Sept 2014 clearly showing and online cyber-stalking and Doxxing of Kevin Weinberg by STGRB.

This is solid concrete proof of cyber-stalking, terrorism, harassment bullying and doxxing, criminal activities by the site Rice thinks is truth, justice and the American way.

I just started a new group on FB called, People of the Page, to chronicle Anne Rice's repeated attack on the Amazon Forums using her million fan as weapons.
All are welcome to join.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Anne Rice Goes Cyber-Terrorist

Anne Rice on Feb 8 2015 sent her minion from her Facebook page to attack a specific discussion in the Amazon Forums. She has affiliated herself with a stalker troll hate site, that has already been run off two hosting services for personal attacks, defamation and libel.

Cyber-terrorism: "The premeditated use of disruptive activities, or the threat thereof, against computers and/or networks, with the intention to cause harm or further social, ideological, religious, political or similar objectives. Or to intimidate any person in furtherance of such objectives."

According to that definition both Rice and STGRB are cyber-terrorists and definitely stalker trolls.

I have received a post from someone who claims to have reported her to the FBI for cyber-terrorism.

Clearly Rice is out of control with her practice of using her fans as a weapon.
Here's her post where she targets the Amazon forums.

Here's is a link to this drivel where she repeatedly attacks the Amazon Forum members repeatedly calling them dishonest and liars.
She says she is providing the links to the Amazon Groups strictly for informational purposes but repeatedly says don't go there or post there. That is like the farmer giving a map to the henhouse to the fox and telling the fox not to go there.
I can't find these links to the Amazon forum she alludes to, she may have removed them after dozens of people have complained about her directing her minions to attack the Amazon forums.  Here's the results of the cyber-attack on those forum.

Here's a link to her Facebook Page from where she's launched the cyber-attack

She repeatedly tries to cover her ass on this by stating don't go to the Amazon forums.  But the bottom line is you don't provide a link unless you want people to click it.

Here's her basic method of launching an attack, of which currently is against the author of 50 Shades of Grey.
She innocently poses a question and once shes sees a comment that follows her agenda she responds to it and thereby signals her fandogs what she wants to hear. From there the fandogs post dozens of comment agreeing with the comment she responded to, in a groveling attempt to be noticed by the Queen.

She is very manipulative and clever.  But she makes the same mistake the other stalker trolls do, she assumes that everyone is an idiot but her.  She really couldn't be more transparent and and her attempts to manipulate opinion in the Amazon forum have been an appalling failure.

You see in Anne's little world she is fawned over by everyone, everyone but the Amazon Forum members who won't be talked down to by her with her smug, self-righteous, holier-than-thou condescension. She clearly doesn't like not being fawned over by these forums and has repeatedly attacked reviewers for leaving one or two start reviews.  And that right there is the crux of the biscuit.

Anne is on a mission to try and bully reviewers into only leaving 3, 4 or 5 start reviews.  She has apparently had success with this agenda elsewhere by not on Amazon.  She basically has a plan to try and convince reviewers to never leave 1 or 2 star reviews,  basically conspiring to deceive consumers into seeing only positive reviews for even the poorest books.

I feel at this time I must clarify a few things.
First there are two distinct types of trolls.  There is the forum troll, highly opinionated and brash but basically harmless.  These are the people Rice is attacking on the Amazon Forums.  I used to fight with them myself but realized over time they mostly are just voicing their options and do little or no harm. Some have become friends.

Rice, STGRB and her ilk are stalker trolls.  Stalker trolls are not content to be a pain in the butt in a forum, they pursue their victims across different platforms and venues.  Such as demonstrated by Rice's behavior of using her FB page to launch an attack on her critics on Amazon.  These trolls are not harmless and strive to cause real damage to the reputations, careers and livelihood of their victims.

Clearly such predatory behavior justifies she be banned from both Facebook and Amazon and possibly be investigated and charged by the FBI for cyber-terrorism.

If you are unhappy with her behavior report her.  I feel her publishers need to be notified she is committing professional suicide by associating with STGRB and by launching cyber-attacks using her fans as weapons. These activities are both detrimental to her career and to book sales. Here's a canned email you can use to point out her questionable activities.

Dear Publisher,

I thought you may be interested in the fact that a famous writer in your stable, Anne Rice, has gone off the rails and is directing her fans on her Facebook page to attack the Amazon Forums.  This seems to me to run contrary of the aims of your publishing house.  

Rice is not only directing these attacks, she is openly supporting a stalker troll site,  One look at the site and one can see that every post  is either a personal attack or gloating over the misfortunes of others.  I believe she is the first big name author to actually direct stalker troll attacks over reviews.  Make no mistake; to use one website, Facebook to direct attacks on another website, Amazon, by an author using her fan base as a weapon against those who made the mistake of not liking her talking down to them, is sociopathic behavior and demonstrates mental issues.

I see no happy ending for this as far as Rice and her books sales on Amazon are concerned.  Someone has to talk some sense to her before she completely destroys her career and your cash cow.


The profound hypocrisy she displays makes one wonder if she has not lost it and begun the sad descent to senile dementia common in trolls her age. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Twitter Declares War on Trolls

Well it looks like the trolls have finally pushed their creators to the point where Twitter at least has declared war on their own monster.

When the trolls attack and ruin people on Twitter they won't do shit.  But once membership plummets because of the massive numbers of people being driven from the site by their pet trolls, well then it's a completely different story.

Here's my comment to the Wired article:

"When trolls on twitter posted confidential info including my home address twitter did squat. They claimed the content on their website was not their responsibility. It's that policy of allowing the endless personal attacks by twitter members on twitter at the core of the troll problem The fault is all Twitter's. 

Maybe the trolls will take twitter down so other social media wakes up to the problem they have created with do-nothing policies that allow endless personal attacks, defamation and libel. I hope the trolls eat you alive as you've allowed them to do to thousands of others Dick."

Dick Costolo has sworn to track down the trolls.  Well since he has allowed endless troll attacks on his website encouraging the trolls to be more active once they knew he would do nothing to stop them, then in my mind that makes him the biggest troll of all. 

So he hasn't far to look for the biggest trolls.  He can also add Bezos, Zuckerberg, and Chandler as major contributors to the creation of the troll culture that has become such a huge problem that people are leaving his website and others in droves.

The payback is a mother fucker isn't it Costolo?

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Growing Troll Infestation on Facebook

When I first joined Facebook in 2010 I knew nothing about it.  One of the first things I noticed was the eagerness of group owners to kick people from groups.  Seemed like they were just looking to kick people from groups for imagined reasons, all part of the delusional mindset that the internet grants nobodies importance, superiority, expertise and authority.  It grants none of these things. What it does do is allow sociopathic delusions to express themselves thereby revealing who the sociopaths are.  Their behavior tags them as such.

When called on this they go into a rage.  The easiest way to spot these sociopathic trolls is they always blame their victims, as all psychopaths do, for any attacks. The victim is always the blame and they deserve any personal attack because they had the audacity to go online.  They wouldn't get attacked online if they didn't use the internet would they?  So anything that happens is their fault for being online, or so the sociopathic logic goes.

I joined a bunch of groups and discovered that for some groups it was all about control.  The owners of the groups want nothing but to control every post and comment by members.  If something is said they don't approve of you can suddenly not find the group or the Admins to ask why you were kicked  These piss-ants on power trips not only will kick you from a group for the flimsiest of reasons but they will also block you from the group , unfriend you and block you there too.  They effectively try to completely isolate and ostracize people for the sole reason of exercising their power to do so.  They feel emboldened by this ability to fuck with people this way.

Just recently I was the victim of this type of petty attack once again.  This time it was in a Facebook group called Stephen King Lovers.  This was a complete ambush by trolls.  When I first joined the group I asked if I could sell my King as Pennywise prints in the group and was told yes by the founder of the group.  I made a post and it dissapeared the next day.  I also notice one of the admins, Ric Mason has taken my print and made it his pic.  So not only did Mason remove my post but he stole my art.  I contacted the founder and she over-ruled Mason and I put the post back up.

As with all internet trolls Mason wasn't happy at all about his authority to censor as he pleased challenged and his actions overturned.  This happened in August.
Just recently I started a new project KingCon, a Stephen King Horror Convention.  I was once again granted permission to use the SKL group to organize it.  This was clearly too much for Mason, his tiny troll mind saw this as a personal affront of his delusions authority, importance, and superiority.

So he gets his buddy Trevor McCrea to come into the group and call my plans for a convention a scam.  That basically, as I see it, is calling me a liar, a thief and a fraud.  I say I will not stand for such personal attacks on my character from trolls.  I ask if he is willing to defend the statement my project is a scam in  court in a defamation  and libel lawsuit.  I subsequently am kicked from the group for threatening legal action for his public defamation and libel.
They block me so I cannot see the group and all the admins, in unison unfriended me and block me too.

Not one word from the admins about Trevor accusing me of running a scam, I am the bad guy for calling him on it.  This shows a few things about the group.
First members and admins are in cahoots to fuck with people.
Second it is clearly OK to call someone a liar, thief and fraud,  but not OK to defend oneself when attacked in that way.
Third they have a routine of completely isolating anyone they target so they clearly do this regularly to people.

All this adds up to a group with the admins who envision themselves as in complete control of 50k members and they will target, attack and eliminate anyone who they feel challenges their delusional powers.

I have screen shots of Trevor McCrea accusing me of running a scam and the admins supporting his attack.  I may have to file a lawsuit just to show the FB trolls there are repercussion to fucking with people for sport.  I can file a lawsuit and let them pay for attorneys  to fight it.  Then they won't be so smug and cocksure.

If you are a member of that group, leave it, and join the group called Stephen King.  It does not have these problems with admins and many of the same people are in both groups.

As usual the trolls hate to see people try and do good things and do their damnedest to make everyone as miserable as they are.  I guess the delusion of power is better than no power at all.

In my next post I will give the details about KingCon.