Monday, April 21, 2014

STGRB Changes Hosting Service, On the Run.

Well it looks like Bluehost has had enough of STGRB and they are no longer hosted there.  No doubt given the choice of removing personal attacks from the site or get kicked from bluehost they got kicked. So now on a new server The Mad Hatter is back to using my last name in her personal attacks on authors.

But it takes just a few minutes to find who the new hosting service is and it turns out to be  To comtact HostGatore email them, with a complaint of this hate site and its personal attacks on both Carroll Bryant and myself, at

We've got STGRB on the run, moving from one server to another to avoid removing cyber-attacks on people.  The fact they'd rather switch servers than comply with the rules clearly shows who are the bullies and stalkers here.

It won't take long until STGRB gets known as a hate site that attracts lots of complaints for attacks on people and they will be offline.

Here's the email I sent to HostGator:

Hi Gator,

I am requesting the removal of a hate site from your server.
I thought you may like a little history of STGRB, and who they really are.

STGRB is a hate site that was until recently hosted by Bluehost.  Because the website is a hate site bluehost had to prohibit them from using people's last names on the site.  They pushed it to the point that one must assume bluehost told them to find another IP.

Every post on this website, except for the dialogue they stole from the Amazon forums with Anne Rice, is a personal attack on either a writer, a reviewer or a reader.

Every page of this site has in the right column a list of targeted individuals who they cyber-stalk, but also permanent personal attacks, which are malicious defamation and libel, against myself, Rick Carufel and Carroll Bryant, authors.

ScreenHunter_38 Apr. 21 18.07.jpg

It would appear that rather than remove those attacks on every page they decided to part ways with bluehost and now it's with you.  But we have the same problem that caused the site to move.  Permanent personal attacks on two indie writers STGRB refuses to remove.

I am asking you to require they remove the offensive material.  These attacks are stalking, bullying, harassment, defamation, libel and cyber-terrorism.  The posts are legally actionable and both Carroll and myself have been working to get the personal attacks on us removed.

Be warned, this website is gonna be problems for HostGator.  It is nothing more than a revenge site to get even with people who don't care for the writings of a particular writer, and has grown to now be a site that does nothing but target people for attacks and encourage others to do so.

They are aggressively attacking two authors with the intent to destroy their reputations, livelihood and careers.  Please remove these attacks and/or this website.

Consider this notification and documentation that and has been made aware of this hate site on this date and asked to remove defamatory and libelous material by your hosting client, or preferably the website itself be removed.

Rick Carufel

Please contact and help make this endless attack on Carroll and I stop.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


In the latest post by the Mad Hatter and her tea party, Nadine Christian, Another Story of Real Author Bullying, she finally goes completely off the rails.  She now presumes to be the judge of who has been bullied or not and goes so far as to ridicule an abused author for not quitting writing completely as she had threatened to do.

Nothing Melissa has done so far clearly illustrates the fact STGRB is not about helping abused authors.  It would appear she commends one author, Nadine, for actually completely quitting and attacks another for not going through with her threat to do so.

Let's see; someone was sending an author evil emails and messages.  She completely closed shop and threw in the towel.  This is the "Good Behavior" by an author of which Melissa approves.  Let me say this again. Melthena seems pleased this author supposedly quit. 

She even went so far as to verify this author was gone:

But the other author who probably didn't have emails to prove her abuse to The Mad Hatter, or refused to give it to her is a bad author.

So Sarah, is the bad author.  She promised to quit writing but has continued.  She has not caved into the trolls.  This makes her a villain because she told The Hatter she was going to quit writing but didn't.  An abused writer decides to continue writing after what she feels was unjustified abuse and now instead of being happy Sarah didn't quit, Melissa CONDEMNS HER FOR IT.

The great champion of the abused author is please with the author who gave up but is not happy the other author has not also quit.  What does this say about the motives of Melissa.  

The author who caved to the pressure of trolls and quit is the one who has Melissa's approval.  Nadine is the good author. 

The author who has decided to stick it out, Sarah, and not quit because of abuse by the trolls is the bad author.

What's wrong with this picture?  

When did trying to stop the abuse, the stalking, the bullying and the harassment become The Mad Hatter judging who she deems to be adequately abused and condemning author's who won't let the trolls win?  

Who is The Mad Hatter and for whom does she work??

She is a failed author who turned to venom as a solution to poor sales and reviews rather than improve her writing skills.

She was banned from for having 28 accounts.

She started STGRB not to help abused authors but to seek revenge on those people on goodreads who didn't like her books, thought she was a poor writer and who no doubt helped expose her little Tea Party of 27 socks on GR.

She has, since first publicly attacking authors, appointed herself the judge, jury and executioner of those authors who she deems has not been adequately abused by the trolls to meet her standards. 

She has made the WIN group on Facebook secret in response to me noting the membership was dropping instead of growing.  How can you fight the bullies if you hide behind an alias in a secret group?  The group had some potential at one time but has become a joke, the private court of the Mad Hatter.

 Nadine Christian's books are still available on Amazon.  So she only cancelled her blog.  So she has really not quite either.  So what was the point of the STGRB post?

I get reports and have heard of some secret lawsuit against GR.  All I can say about that is without a media circus surrounding it, it will just quietly get dismissed by some district court judge.

For a lawsuit to have any chance of success it needs a crew working the media hyping it.  Press release teasers that say a group of indie authors are suing Gramazon because of unethical policies.
Nothing more, just a teaser like that.  Claim the word Gramazon in the media.

For a lawsuit to work a figurehead is needed.  We need a person that will not stop saying: 
Gramazon policies are unethical and as a result has nurtured a culture of stalker troll bullies over the last 6 years.  To allow people to rate and review products they have neither bought or used is what is unethical and that has opened the door for massive abuse of writers.

For a lawsuit to work the media has to be hammered with press releases that all keep repeating Gramazon and unethical policies.  People have to believe that Gramazon is unethical and by their policies cause real financial damage to sellers, before they will do anything about it.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss, We Won't Be Fooled Again.

Looks like there's a new kid on the block,  Unmask Goodreads Bullies.

The first thing I notice is the title page is............wait for it............wait for it.......A personal attack!!!

Now I start to smell something. I look to see who is behind this website.  Oddly there is no one.  These bold new crusaders, to expose the GR Bullies,  are ghosts.  None of these new champions of abuses authors and real reviewers have the courage to show their face.

 This is somehow very familiar, isn't it?

I see there is a FB page I'm invited to like and comment.
Bingo! My suspicions are confirmed when my post is quickly deleted from the Facebook page.
Now this whole thing is starting to reek.  Here's the topper.

This is all the same old shit in a new bag!  That second paragraph in the image above says it all.
This is nothing more than the same sock-puppet carnival over at STGRB in a new wrapped.
This is the same regime of ghost aliases with a new website to spread their hatred. 

I guess it's time for a lesson on how to fight bullies.

First: If you don't have the spine to use your own identity in the fight then you lack the conviction to be of any help, you are already admitting you've been intimidated by the bullies and hiding one's identity is the same as cowering before the bullies.  One does not hide from the bullies, one confronts them.

Any website or blog about fighting the bully-troll culture where the staff/writers hide behind aliases are in fact cowering before the bullies in fear.  

Have the junk to show your face if you expect to be taken seriously, or stay home.  Only those with real identities have skin in the game, the others are pretenders, soap-queens only in it to perpetuate the conflict and keep the drama happening. 

Second:  Personal attacks on Goodreads members whose activities are within the GR guidelines are pointless and only perpetuate the goals of the drama queens who post it.  They are no help and just widen the rift, not resolve issues.  There are trolls and bullies on both sides of the issues.

Third: No amount of drama or whining about abuses on goodreads will change a thing:

The new review inquisition  is in town to tell you which reviews are good or not. To tell you who to attack or not, tell you who to crucify.  More pretenders who would presume to be judge, jury and executioner for book reviewers.   Sounds like a bully/hate site to me.

This will force change:

The links below lead right to the forms to fill out.

Contact the Attorney General's Office for California

Complain GR has false ratings and reviews on their website and the website encourages, through their policies, false testimonials, ratings and reviews about products neither bought or used.

Contact the Federal Trade Commission: 

Complain GR has false ratings and reviews on their website and the website encourages, through their policies, false testimonials, ratings and reviews about products neither bought or used. Mention that due to the preponderance of fake ratings and reviews the API goodreads sells defrauds consumers.

Only 200 complaints to either/both agencies will result in an investigation into goodreads practices.

Let's make this a goal for April, Fools!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Time to Unite on Common Issue.

The time has come for all factions in the fight against the bully-troll culture in regards to abuse of authors.  We have all agreed that the major chink in the armor of policy that allows for fake ratings and reviews which defraud consumers with false testimonials for products never bought or used.

The fake rating and review is a real weapon the bully-troll culture use to intentionally harm sales of the products of small businesspersons, we writers, with our products being our books.  

I propose we take those weapons from them.

The policies of goodreads and amazon, in regards to ratings and reviews, encourages false ratings and reviews, and therefore encourages the violation of FTC regulations regarding truth in advertising.
The policies basically encourage members of both sites to give false endorsements of products.

This is how we can bring about change.  I have perceived this to be the chink in the armor of GR and Amazon. Their policies encourage members to violate FTC regulations.

So I call on all factions in this fight:

First and foremost Ms. Anne Rice.  Please promote this partial solution to the  bully-troll problem plaguing mostly fledgeling authors.  Please ask your followers, fans, and friends to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission about the policies that encourage false comments on books.
They can also file a complaint with the California Attorney General for and the AG of Washington state for Amazon.

Second STGRB. Please forget our differences in the one instance.  Please promote contacting the FTC and state AGs.  Sell it hard and let you followers know this is how to stop the bullies and trolls; take their tools.

Third the members of Facebook groups.  The FB groups, WIN and Authors Against Abuse should all pin a request for members to consider filing a complaint about the false ratings and reviews given books online. FB people should all post and share the complaint promotion.

Next all the readers, writers and reviewers who wish to end the pointless stalking, bullying, harassment, defamation, libel and personal attacks on indie and self-published authors.

Lastly I would like to ask M.t. Dismuke, the man who first found this chink, Carroll Bryant and all other bloggers that they too promote filing FTC  and AG complaints.

If we can manage to bring regulatory pressure for false data we can make this happen.

So let us all have this common goal for the month of April, let us all promote the complaints for promoting fake ratings and reviews and seek a goal of 200 complaints sent to the FTC and the State AGs and force a policy of who can post ratings and reviews on goodreads and Amazon.

Be sure to mention that APIs that goodreads and Amazon put out and are inaccurate and specifically the one from GR is based on fake data and defrauds consumers.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

STGRB Drags Down Petition and Anne Rice.

Last week Anne Rice created a big splash online when she signed a petition to stop anonymous attacks and reviews on Amazon and made it known.  But it has been derailed and is quickly losing steam as a movement for one reason.  Her association with STGRB.  Several major websites picked up the story and in every one her credibility has been undermined by her being connected with STGRB.

Possibly the most damaging is the Time article where Melissa Douthit using the alias, Chitzah, is blatantly attacking everyone who says STGRB is a bully site and specifically attacking me.

Over and over again the issue is derailed by people pointing out that STGRB is a bully/hate site and not an anti-bully site although they profess to be.

Shortly after Ms. Rice made her first comment on FB quoting the dialogue STGRB stole from the  Amazon forums I informed her it was a bad idea on Feb 15.

Hi Anne,
This is why it is bad that you mention STGRB at all.  I found this post by M.T. Dismuke,  trying to garner members for the STGRB group on facebooks by bootstrapping off your name.
"It's great to know that even Anne Rice is against the abuse found on Amazon (Forums) and Goodreads against authors.
She herself has had many encounters with the trolls and knows first hand how they operate.
She has some great posts on her fb page, and it's great to know she supports STGRB and their mission to stop the abuse as well.
As a member and admin of WIN (Writer's Investigative Network), we too support anyone who fights against it. Let's make change, together.
"it's great to know she supports STGRB"  This will be their battle cry unless you make a statement stating the opposite.
You really need to read through the posts on STGRB. 
You will discover that every post on that site, with the exception of the two posts about you, is a personal attack or childish gloating over someone getting banned from goodreads.
Now they are enjoying a great boost because you've embraced their post about you.
In reality they are in fact the biggest troll/bully hate site on the internet disguised as a site to help abused writers.
It's only a matter of time before they launch another attack on Carroll Bryant and myself, the real forces behind stopping troll attacks on the internet, including the attacks from STGRB, emboldened by
the false claims that they now have your full support in their campaign to post personal attacks on anyone who doesn't agree with them.
This is the inadvertent damage I mentioned caused by your mention of them.
You saw the huge backlash your mentioning STGRB caused on Facebook.  You post was nearly overwhelmed by negative comments about STGRB.
Do you really want to have your good name associated with a hate website?

Your Fan Always,
Sadly she failed to take my advice and now when she has made a public statement about the troll/bully attacks on Amazon her association with STGRB is  greatly damaging her credibility.
When she first mentioned STGRB on FB she was overwhelmed by comments telling her STGRB was a hate group.  She had to resort to deleting posts and asking that STGRB not be mentioned to try and keep the discussion on track.
Well on a dozen sites carrying the story now are also being inundated by comments about the deceptive image STGRB tries to project as the champions of the abused writer and what they actually do.
The fight against the trolls is basically being dismantled by Ms. Rice's association with STGRB and actually hurting the cause.  I only wish she comes to her senses before it's too late and makes a statement that she's finally read through the STGRB site and agrees they are a hate site, and says there will be no more endorsement or  support for that hate site coming from her.  Unless she does that every post about her and the trolls will ultimately degenerat to a pissing match between those for and against STGRB and detract attention from the real issue.

I'd also like to mention that shortly after that comment on Facebook,  M. t. Dismuke parted ways with both STGRB and WIN.  he decided to quite the cause of fighting trolls and bullies and contribute more time to writing.  I wish him the best.

Friday, February 28, 2014

The End of The Troll Reign Is Near

I saw this wonderful article surfing around the net today.  At least once a week I do  search for stories about trolls, bullies, stalking and such.  This story is some of the best news for those of us fighting trolls for a long while:

Here's a link to the article:

This is the Cultural Secretary for Great Brittan, although this has limited impact here in the United States it does mean if you are attacked online by a person in England they can be prosecuted for doing it.  They also mention prosecuting with international law too. 

This means the activities of the troll/bully culture will be greatly restricted and we can file complaints against any British trolls and bullies.  I am sure that other countries will soon follow suit and soon trolling will be a crime here.  I can't wait.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Who Will Be the Next Bully Victim to kill themselves?

STGRB is quick to jump on celebrity coattails again, this time it's a dead celebrity.  Never one to lose a chance to glom a few more hits on someone's misfortune, this is truly pathetic and profoundly hypocritical.   Especially when STGRB could cause the next suicide with their endless personal attacks.

STGRB may well be the cause of the next bully-induced  suicide.  It is not a well publicized fact but one of the people they have chosen to attack for no reason other than to consolidate control of the anti-troll movement has a history of suicide attempts.  Melissa with the help of her sock puppets launched a vicious attack on an author for republishing an email she had already published.  But as usual what she can do and what is allowed by others are two different things.

The topper here is that the STGRB attack on Carroll Bryant was a complete witch hunt.  Lucy Flood isn't even a real person!!! This is her bio from Amazon, she may not even be a woman based on the title of her book on.....wait for it......wait for it.... Crossdressing in Australia!!!

"Lucy Flood is the pen name of Lucy Chesser, who was born in Melbourne in 1968. "Hidden", a mystery-thriller, is her first crime novel. Her previous publications (as Lucy Chesser) are "Parting with my sex: Cross-dressing, inversion and sexuality in Australian cultural life" (Sydney University Press, 2008) and "Cut Loose" (Ginninderra Press, 2008)."

But the part you don't know is that Carroll suffers from bipolar disorder and has attempted to take his own life three times.

This is what the website that is supposed to be fighting the bullies actually does; personal attacks on anyone who is critical of Melissa Douthit's books, critical of those attacks or doesn't agree with STGRB in any way.  How long before the endless attack on Goodreads and Amazon members originating from this hate site causes someone to destroy themselves.  It's a know fact a majority of the people they attack cannot be considered normal and have mental issues.  This makes it even more likely if they are allowed to continue this will happen.

Carroll recently confided to me a bit of his personal history.  He has given me permission to use it because he too, as am I, is concerned the endless attacks originating from the STGRB site could well be the reason the next person kills themselves due to online bullying.

Clearly Carroll struggles with his problem every day and attacks from Mad Hatter Melissa Douthit and her Tea Party of socks, witch hunts to try and control others, cannot do anything but aggravate this problem.

Now multiply that by a hundred fold, a thousand, the number of people who have mental issues online.  Any one of STGRB's targets could decide they can take no more abuse from the internet and the latest attack from STGRB is what makes them cross the line.

Again I appeal to all who reads this to contact and ask them to stop this hate site.  The fact that STGRB has a personal attack on me on EVERY SINGLE PAGE on the website should send a message to bluehost that STGRB is run by a sociopath out to hurt people.

The fact Bluehost is aware of the fact they are hosting a hate website and refuses to remove it speaks volumes why legislation must be passed that makes websites and ISPs responsible for their content.
The DMCA bill was gutted at the last minute so when passed it was a far cry from what was originally proposed.  The main point of the bill was to make websites and ISPs responsible for their content but a last minute rider removed that and made it a piece of worthless legislation that only protects the interests of the record and movie industry.  As usual Washington looked out only for corporate interests instead of the people who elected them.

I recently made mention to friends in the WIN group on Facebook about Melissa getting made an admin in that group within 24 hrs of M.t. Dismuke's departure.  Clearly she thinks she is dealing with idiots.  This is a common flaw with sociopaths, they assume they are smarter than everyone else.  She was stupid enough to think that blocking me would fool me into thinking she is no longer an admin in that group, think again fool.  But I cannot be blocked from seeing who is on facebook no more than she can block me for STGRB.  I also see she has reworded the personal attack on me for the 5th time in an effort to fool people, mostly Bluehost, although the links are still there.  But so long as she continues to attack me on every page of the website I will do everything in my power to see that site removed.

My latest effort was to inform Amazon that STGRB has stolen content from their site and is using it for their own gain and to defame Amazon and Goodreads.  So soon that bit may come to an end.
Melissa may not have read the part about Amazon owning exclusive rights to all content posted on their website in the TOS, but I have.  That is another reason I was reluctant to post the full conversation with Ms. Rice, it would have been copyright violation.