Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beware Barnes & Nobles

I have my book, The Dagonites, available exclusively through Kindle Select.  I thought all was good but the other day I got an email from Kindle saying that I was in violation the exclusivity agreement because Barnes & Nobles was also selling the book.  I went to the Pubit site and saw that I had removed it from sale.  I did a search on B&N and sure enough the book comes up. here's a link to it.

It say that it is pulling the book from Smashwords.  Yet a search of Smashwords:  shows I have no books published there.
I emailed B&N and asked them to remove it.

How do I remove books from pubit?  I want to remove my books for sale on the Barnes & Nobles site.

Rick Carufel

I get the idiots reply
-----Original Message-----
From: PubIt! Business <>
To: Rick Carufel <>
Sent: Wed, Apr 4, 2012 10:48 am
Subject: Re: Removal of books (KMM34446007V54475L0KM)


To take your eBook off sale, log in to your PubIt! account here:

On the "my titles" tab, next to the title of your eBook, click the 
"Actions" button.  Then choose "Take Off Sale" from the little pull-down
menu that appears.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Best wishes,
The PubIt! Team
I email back
The book, The Dagonites, The Chronicles of Underhill part 1, is not listed in my titles on pubit  yet appears for sale on your site when I search B&N using my name.    It is violating an exclusive agreement I have with Kindle and  I need it removed today.
Rick Carufel
They email back
-----Original Message----- From: PubIt! Business <> To: Rick Carufel <> Sent: Wed, Apr 4, 2012 3:15 pm Subject: Re: Removal of books (KMM34448270V64296L0KM)

It appears that you put two editions of this eBook on sale.  Only one 
edition was put on sale via your PubIt! account.  This PubIt! edition is
indeed off sale as you've selected.

The other edition was put on sale via Smashwords.  The PubIt! staff does
not manage Smashwords editions.  We suggest that you contact Smashwords 
to request that they take the Smashwords edition of this eBook off sale.

The PubIt! Team
I email back again

The book in question is not available from smashwords.  My smashwords 
dashboard shows no books available, so why is it for sale on your site? 
You are selling this book against my wishes.  You better be able to 
remove it regardless of where you are pulling it from, which is not 
They email back with a Bullshit answer that has nothing to do with the issue at hand.
-----Original Message-----
From: PubIt! Business <>
To: Rick Carufel <>
Sent: Thu, Apr 5, 2012 10:21 am
Subject: Re: Removal of books (KMM34456613V39215L0KM)


We're sorry, but the PubIt! staff cannot help with ink-on-paper 
editions.  PubIt! is for eBooks only.

To contact Barnes & Noble about a paper edition, please reference the 
instructions on this page:

The PubIt! Team
I email back yet again.
here's the link to the book.  
It say it is pulling it from smashwords but I currently have no books for sale there.
Here's a link to a search of smashwords showing I have no books listed.
I want this book removed from your site.  No more BS replies like this one claiming it's a paperbound book because pubit is too lazy to read down to the second book on the page, the one in question.
Just do it.
So that is where the issue stands.  B&N is selling my book against my wishes, lying where they are getting it from and absolutely stonewalling when asked to remove it from their site.  I am beginning to suspect they are intentionally refusing to remove it so the book gets kicked from Kindle select, then they can pull it from Amazon, where they must be pulling it illegally now and sell it too.  I would advise everyone to stay away from B&N's Pubit as they seem to be doing some very questionable things that are aimed at breaching Amazon's exclusivity agreements so they can sell the books.  Beware Barnes and Nobles.

Update:  Looks like they finally got the message and pulled the book.

-----Original Message----- From: Gregory Paglia <> To: '' <>; '' <> Cc: Jennifer Salfali <>; PubItBusiness <> Sent: Thu, Apr 5, 2012 1:19 pm Subject: RE: Removal of books (KMM34458675V48728L0KM)
This title has been coded to come down from the site.  

Raylene - If you could confirm that it should not be part of your catalog, that 
would be appreciated.


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